Split AC or Window AC – Which is Better?

Split AC or Window AC – Which is Better? Still confused about whether to buy a window or split air conditioner for your home? Rest assured you aren’t the only one facing this dilemma! There are numerous factors to be considered before making up your mind, and unfortunately no straight answers are available as to whether a split AC or window AC is better for you! How do split AC and window AC differ from one another? The very first difference that you can spot between a split and a

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Should You Use a Humidifier or Dehumidifier?

Should You Use a Humidifier or Dehumidifier? Are you trying to breathe a little easier or limit allergens in your home? A humidifier or dehumidifier is just what you need, but which one is the best suited for your requirements? Let us help you gain a clearer insight! Humidifier – What is it? It adds moisture to the air in a room. People often use them to decrease the dryness in an artificially heated room, home or building. It can also increase humidity in a home in a perpetually dry

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Know More about Green HVAC Systems

Know More about Green HVAC Systems You must have heard the term “Green HVAC” quite frequently these days, as the technology has become quite popular. To put it in a nutshell, this concept indicates HVAC systems that are smaller, less complex, energy saving and more economical in terms of price. Here are some reasons to switch to Green HVAC systems: R22 in air conditioners The R22 was once standard in air conditioning and heat pump systems, but the U.S. EPA is all set to phase out the use of this

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How to Select an HVAC Contractor?

How to Select an HVAC Contractor? Selecting an HVAC contractor isn’t an easy task. You can’t just go online and pick a random name from search results. Remember, the contractor you choose install a new system or repair the appliance throughout the year will determine how well it operates and the comfort level of your home. There are numerous HVAC technicians available in most areas with different levels of training and expertise, so you must opt for the best fit so you get true value for money. Keep these pointers

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Signs You Require Dehumidifier

Signs You Require Dehumidifier Did you know that on any given day, you inhale a variety of particles, from dust and mold spores to the toxic chemicals used to clean the public restroom or gym locker room? In the right environment, they multiply and wreak havoc on your health, especially when the surroundings are warm and moist. That is why you need dehumidifiers! Check out the signs you have to watch out for – they indicate you have to install a unit right away: Mold Spots Take a look at

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How to maintain your HVAC

How to maintain your HVAC We are grateful for your business and we will be ready in a flash to fix any of your HVAC needs, but we also understand that prevention is better than cure. As leading HVAC experts, we offer some simple maintenance tips for caring for your HVAC. Leave the heavy fixing to us! Have a good maintenance service you can trust. 212 HVAC provides top quality customer service at fair costs, to suit your specific HVAC needs. We work thoroughly and in your best interest. Visual

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DIY Tips to Maintain HVAC Systems

DIY Tips to Maintain HVAC Systems Preventative maintenance might not be possible for HVAC systems at all times, but you can definitely keep the system functioning for a long time sans any issues, if you follow a few tips. Keep an eye on air filters: The most important thing you can do at home is inspect your air filter. Dirty air filters make your HVAC system less efficient and cause undue strain on its working parts. Set a reminder each month to check your air filter and replace it if

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Why Buy Cool Mist Humidifiers?

Why Buy Cool Mist Humidifiers? Selecting between cool and warm mist humidifiers is a tough choice, but you need to take your requirements into account and then make up your mind. Though warm mist humidifiers get the job done, cool mist ones are often the better choice. The benefits tend to outweigh those of the warm mist variety, so cool versions are more popular. Types of cool mist humidifiers They come in two kinds: Evaporative – In an evaporative humidifier a fan pulls in warm air from the room and uses

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How Do You Know if Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair?

How Do You Know if Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair? Regardless of how well you maintain your air conditioner, all electric appliances fail after years of usage. This could be due to lack of maintenance, corrosion, and several reasons. Here are some signs that mean your air conditioning unit needs repair: Hot air from the unit: The whole point of having an air conditioner is to cool the air inside your home. If your system is blowing hot air, then it may indicate a broken compressor or refrigerant leak. Moisture near

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Reasons to Get a Dehumidifier for Your Home

Reasons to Get a Dehumidifier for Your Home If your home is having humidity issues, you might need a dehumidifier that help maintain preferred, and healthy, humidity levels within your space. It works by cleansing air of excess moisture, and preventing mold, bacteria and other particulates from growing. Here are the reasons why you need dehumidifiers: Better air quality: The quality of air in your home is not only measured in the amount of toxins that you may or may not be breathing in, but also by the humidity levels of

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