Is Your AC in Need of Repair?

Is Your AC in Need of Repair?

Are you a new homeowner feeling less than familiar with all the pressing needs of upkeeping your space? One thing you should be sure of is your AC. Summer in New York City can be brutal and you’ll want to know your AC system well enough to detect any and all inefficiencies.

6 Signs Your AC Needs a Repair

Signs Your AC Needs a Repair

1.No Cool Air

Your AC’s sole purpose is to regulate air flow and temperature in your house. If it’s the middle of summer and your AC is not providing refreshing cool air, this is a major issue and needs to be looked at immediately.

2.Poor Air Flow

You are sure to experience weaker air flow if there is any buildup of dust or dirt in the way. This is not uncommon but may indicate that the AC vents need to be repaired.
*A build-up of debris in the air filter can also be a health risk. It’s best to stay on top of having them cleaned out to avoid anything dangerous.

3.Thermostat Problems

Another common but important issue requiring your AC to get repaired is the thermostat. You may notice varying temperatures throughout your house, with some areas much cooler than others. This could be an indicator that the thermostat needs repairing or replacing.

4.Leakage Around the System

Any leakage around the system indicates the problem with the air conditioner. This includes refrigerant leaks as well as blockage in the drain tube. This is a more serious issue, as it can lead to a mold problem in your house, and no one has time for that!

5.Strange Sounds

If you are hearing any squealing, grating, and grinding sounds from the air conditioner, it may be the belt slipping from its place, broken motor bearings or lack of lubrication. If these problems aren’t resolved quickly, they could become much bigger issues.

6.Foul Smell

Pungent smell from air conditioning vents indicates wiring problem or accumulation of mold. Therefore, this needs to be taken care of IMMEDIATELY!

These are just the main things to look out for that will help you feel more confident in keeping up with your home and making sure everything is running smoothly.

The best way you could care for your AC system and ensure a long healthy life for all, is to have timely maintenance and repair checks so don’t hesitate to call!

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