How to Clean a Window Air Conditioner?

How to Clean a Window Air Conditioner?

It has been a great summer for me. My window A/C did a perfect job. But, last night was different!!! It stopped working the way it used to. Where is the magic gone? I am missing the cool breeze running down my body. The humming sound, the chilling effect… Oh, My God!!! How to bring it back???

The performance of any appliance goes down with time. A rotten smell, shivery noise, or insufficient cooling does not mean that you bought a poor-quality air conditioner. Instead, it shows that it is time to take action.

You guessed it right! Just like your car needs service, air conditioners also require regular cleaning. Removing clogs of dirt and dust from its coils and fins can improve its functioning.

The first thought that’s clicking your mind is “How to Clean a Window Air Conditioner?” Do I have to pay 100 bucks for this? I have no experience…

Well, no need to worry. We have got all covered for you. This article brings you a step by step guide on how to clean a window A/C. Let’s begin!

Benefits of Cleaning Your Window A/C Regularly

For effective performance, you need to clean the A/C twice a month. Regular cleaning not only increases the lifetime of any appliance but also yields countless benefits for the users. Take a look at a few reasons why it is necessary for every homeowner.

  1. Keeps You Healthy

A clean A/C produces clean surroundings ensuring that you inhale fresh air. It prevents respiratory diseases from interacting with your lungs and reduces the risk of asthma and other allergies.

  1. Save Electricity, Save Money!

Who doesn’t want to save some bucks for the end of the month? A clean A/C works in a quick span and takes less energy to cool your house. No need to keep it on for hours and hours.

  1. Avoid High Repairing Costs

Filthy coils and clogged fins, if neglected, can damage the whole machine. Regular cleaning increases the lifetime of the device. The best part? You don’t have to burn your pockets on the maintenance costs or buy a new air conditioner, every summer.

  1. Clean Environment

A clean air conditioner with no noise, odor, and dust can be a perfect friend and environment friendly. You can sit comfortably on your couch and breathe in the fresh air all day long.

What You Will Need

Cleaning an air conditioner is not as challenging as some people think. All you need is:

  • Detergent or soap solution
  • Muscle power
  • Dry towel
  • Time
  • Tap water
  • Screwdriver
  • Spray bottle
  • Garden hose
  • Bucket of water
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Tray

How To Clean An Air Conditioner?

You can either clean daily, monthly, or once every season. The cleaning requirements depend upon many factors like usage and the area you live in.

1. Daily Cleaning

Everyday cleaning of conditioner is a three-step procedure.


Turn off the A/C, spray hydrogen peroxide at the place where it intakes. Make sure you don’t breathe in this poisonous gas. If possible, put on protective gloves and wash your hands after spraying.


Spraying must be followed by a drying period. Wait for the machine to get dry and then turn it on. A 10-12 hours rest is enough for any air conditioner.


Sometimes spraying only is insufficient for cleaning the filters. For this purpose, remove the filter and continue spraying. If required, use a wet towel for in-depth cleaning of the unit as well as the filter. Assemble the filter back and allow it to dry. Remember, not to put the A/C on before hydrogen peroxide completely dries.

Daily cleaning might not be necessary, but if you have time, do so!!!

2. Monthly Cleaning

Cleaning your A/C after a 30-day cycle needs more attention, time, and energy. The appliance grabs cascades of dust and dirt, which need to be removed. After switching it off, the monthly cleaning requires four easy steps.


For thorough cleaning, displace the front panel and remove all fixes/screws to reach the filter. Mostly, the filters reside within the unit. However, a quick look at the user manual will be additionally beneficial.


Use a soaked detergent towel to clean the filter, followed by extravagant water flow. We suggest washing with hot water to remove maximum dirt. Use a vacuum to get rid of the dust gathered on the inner sides of the filter.


Once the filter dries up, put it back in its position. A dry piece of cloth or extensive shaking ensures a thorough drying. A wet filter can create further problems for the machine and you. If you notice a broken front panel, buy a new one as it hinders the performance of the A/C.


If the filter is in bad condition, consider replacing it too. Remember to install the filter of the same brand as a different brand that will affect the functioning of the machine. The best way is to contact the seller or manufacturer from whom you bought it.

Cleaning once a month is important for the proper functioning of your air conditioner.

3. Seasonal Cleaning

Your negligence for a season can damage the whole unit. We do not recommend this method as it involves the accumulation of piles of dust and clogged filters. The deep cleaning or seasonal cleaning is a three-step procedure.


Unplug the device and remove the unit case. Using a four-way screwdriver, pull out the front panel. Mix the soap/detergent in hot water and rinse the panel thoroughly. Remove all the dust particles, either dry or wet, with the help of a wet towel. If you find any difficulty, take help from the user manual and open your A/C in a hassle-free way.


Put on protective gloves and gently brush out all the dirt from the aluminum fins. Be careful as this step requires great attention (many users get their hand cut.) use a spray bottler to clean the unit surface.

For deep cleaning of filters, dip them in a bucket full of water. Gently hover the wet towel to evacuate dirt particles. Wash all parts of the unit by placing them in the tray. Keep in mind; don’t turn on the unit right away after assembling. Allow the filter and unit to dry.


Make sure to replace the filters if worn-out. Dry them with a towel, and don’t take risks to plug in before you put all the parts back into their original positions. If any confusion, seek help from the guide that comes along with a new conditioner.

Wrapping Up!

Cleaning a window air conditioner is not a child’s play, but it is not impossible at the same time. We hope that our list of three methods will help you wipe the filters and clean the unit without spending hundreds of dollars. Moreover, A/C cleaning is good for your health as it freshens your breath. Take all the precautionary measures so that you don’t hurt yourself. Best of Luck!

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