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Are you searching for the best heating and cooling companies in 11221, Bushwick, Brooklyn? Finally, you have reached the right platform to get the most reliable HVAC services. From AC installation to furnace maintenance, we can provide a comprehensive package of HVAC solutions. We help in choosing high-quality products and repairing your old HVAC systems. Rely on our team every time you deal with your complicated HVAC compartments. We know how to restore the defective and damaged parts and let your HVAC systems get back the life. Our technical knowledge and skills enable us to ensure customer satisfaction. Our work ethics and attention to every detail have differentiated us from our competitors.

At 212 HVAC, we have a goal to keep your room cool and comfortable. When your HVAC cannot release hot and cool air consistently, you have to call us for the perfect solution in 11221, Bushwick, Brooklyn. We provide you with the fastest services to maintain proper functioning of your HVAC systems.

Lack of airflow, strange noise, leaks, and higher energy consumption- these are very common problems with cooling systems. However, we can solve almost any complicated AC issue. We will send our technicians to your house on time, and they will repair your AC unit.

Maintain air quality with preventive AC maintenance-

  • Our regular AC maintenance programs help us in detecting the potential problems of your AC. By repairing these minor issues, we increase the lifespan of your cooling system. We have set low service charge for our HVAC maintenance program. We will visit your house on time and inspect every cooling and heating system.

    Our professionals also clean the air filter of your AC. That is why you will find fresh cool air with no pollutants. Routine checkup of your AC keep your family member safe from respiratory problems.

We have the best technicians for your heating systems-

We will select heat pumps that have a high energy efficiency rate. To ensure year-round comfort to you and your family, we are careful while choosing the heat pump. You can engage us in repair, maintenance, and installation projects.

You can encounter different heat pump problems.

Refrigerant leaks– Similar to AC, heat pumps need refrigerant to transfer the heat. Refrigerant is important for both cooling and heating purposes. Thus, refrigerant leaks can prevent this function. We will seal the leaks and recharge your heat pump’s refrigerant.

Ice on the outdoor unit– The outdoor unit of the heat pump may have frosts developed on it. However, the pump must run the defrost cycle to remove the frost. When it does not happen, you may hire our HVAC professionals.

Problems with reversing valve– The valve helps in reversing the refrigerant flow to control the cooling mode and heating mode. We can replace the defective valve with a new one.

Do you have any other problems with your heat pump and gas furnace? Hire us for HVAC services in11221, Bushwick, Brooklyn. We will accomplish our tasks with dedication.

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