Your “How – To” Guide to AC Installation in NYC

Installing a new AC system is not an easy task and will require a professional. But as a homeowner, there is a lot for you to know that will help you and your technician work smoothly together to give you the best possible service experience.

5 Steps of the Installation Process:

1.Size of the room The AC unit comes in various sizes and cooling capacities. So, the first thing to consider when choosing an AC unit is the size of your space. You want a unit that will be just the right size for your environment… not too big, not too small, a perfect match!

2.Energy efficiency Next important factor to consider is the EER (Energy Efficiency Rating). The EER ranges from 8 to 11.5 – you should look for 10 or higher if you are looking to save on electricity and bills. Other features that help you save are digital temperature controls, fan speeds and sleep settings.

3.Installation process Prior to the installation itself, there are a few things your technician will be looking for to ensure the best possible placement of the new unit:

Selecting the wall placement – clear of any antennas, power or connecting lines that are used for television, radio, home security systems, intercoms or telephones.

•Mount the interior wall with secure plates
•Create a hole in the wall to fit the piping
•Check the electrical connections
•Connect the pipes

4.Installing the outdoor condenser Find the best place to install outdoor unit where the condenser sits at an equal level and connect the electrical wires

5.Connecting the AC with the condenser This is the final check list!

•Connect the vacuum pump with the service port
•Wrap the pipes with proper insulation covering and tape
•Affix the pipes with the clamps
•Set the hole in the wall to attach the pipe with the air conditioner using polyurethane foam

These 5 steps should help you have a better insight about your new AC installation so what are you waiting for? Call an expert now to get the highest quality of service and get started!

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