Tips to Save Energy in Commercial HVAC Systems

When it comes to commercial building owners and property managers, saving energy means saving quite a lot of money, which can be done using wise HVAC practices. Lowering energy bills also prolongs the life of the equipment.

Here are some tips to save energy in commercial HVAC systems:

Get an energy audit

Owners should start by gathering and assessing energy bills for the last 2-3 years. Are there spikes in energy consumption that can’t be explained by the changing seasons? Are there trends that might indicate that a heating or cooling system is beginning to run less efficiently? Studying the building’s energy consumption is crucial for identifying and addressing problems. Lots of energy is wasted in commercial buildings that are often overlooked. For instance, running space heaters when the air conditioning is on because an area of the building gets uncomfortably cold or propping open windows or doors when the heating system is running because an area is too warm wastes a significant amount of energy. An audit helps to detect such energy wasting practices.

Conduct preventative maintenance regularly

Make sure that heating and cooling systems are operating at peak efficiency as it helps to control energy costs. It entails creating and following a preventative maintenance schedule. Putting off cleaning, part replacement, and other tasks can lead to everything from minor loss in efficiency to costly major breakdowns.

Transition to variable refrigerant flow systems (VRF)

VRF systems are advanced solutions that that automatically shift refrigerant from one area of a building to another in order to efficiently transfer heat to where it is needed and away from where it is not. They contribute to significant energy savings.

Install smart technology

This technology detects the presence or absence of people in the building and adjusts heating and cooling appropriately. You can also install programmable thermostats for utilizing HVAC systems more efficiently.

Repair work needs to be done immediately

It is tempting to schedule a repair until next month, quarter, or year, when more money has accrued in the repair budget. Unfortunately, that strategy really isn’t effective when you add the constantly growing cost of inefficient HVAC operation to the repair expense.

Occupants in these buildings should be educated about proper energy saving measures, so they are more careful when it comes to preserving energy instead of wasting it. Being energy conscious is also advantageous for owners who wish to attract tenants or businesses seeking to impress customers.

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