Tips to Reduce Air Conditioning Bills in Summer

Summers mean your air conditioning unit will be working over time and super hard. Although it creates a pleasant living environment, it also means your bills can really shoot up! However, there are some very simple and effective tips to reduce your air conditioning bill over the summer period and keep a comfortable indoor environment.

Ways to ensure energy consumption is within acceptable limits:

Turn off the unit during night or kept it low: 

Turn on the air conditioning when it is day, and switch off at night. Firstly, the evening air is naturally cooler, so you can take advantage of that by turning off the air conditioning and opening a window. You may even get a gentle breeze to cool things down. If that isn’t a feasible option, you can try turning the AC down during sleep hours.

Use thermostats and timers: 

Set your thermostat at a comfortable temperature that won’t make your unit work too hard. A range between 22 and 24 degrees Celsius is where you should set the thermostat. Avoid setting it too cold, as it increases your energy bill. As a rule, try not to set the thermostat less than 8 degrees below the outdoor temperature. Built-in timers set the temperature and hours of operation for maximum efficiency. For instance, the “sleep mode” lowers the output on a timer.

Use window or portable units: 

If you aren’t into cooling your whole home, try using a portable unit to cool just the area you’ll be working in. They use up to 50% less energy than a larger central air unit would to cool off the same space.

Turn off heat-emitting devices: 

Your TV, computer, printer, lamp, kitchen oven, etc. are all responsible for generating loads of heat. The more heat they produce, the harder your air conditioning unit has to work when it comes to keeping the temperature under control. Turn them off when not needed, so you can save money on your air conditioning energy consumption straight away.

Check the ducts and filters: 

Making sure the areas where your ducts run through parts of your home without air conditioning, such as the attic, are properly insulated will keep the air coming in as cool as it can be. Paying for half cool air isn’t anyone’s idea of money well spent! Filters should be inspected regularly as well, as dirty ones make your AC unit work harder, so more electricity and higher energy costs!

Keep these helpful pointers in mind during summer, and you will surely notice a difference in your bill.

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