Tips to Optimize HVAC Systems

In order to ensure that your HVAC System is working to the best of its ability, check out these tips for total optimization:

Calibrate thermostats

When your thermostat isn’t calibrated correctly, it will constantly read and adjust to the wrong temperature. When it’s calibrated correctly, you can almost guarantee complete temperature satisfaction.

Calibrate thermostats

Repair economizers

Faulty controls or slipped linkages cause the dampers to get stuck in one position. An easy temporary fix is to stick a 2×4 into the outside air damper to keep it open, but this isn’t the long-term answer! Be sure to get it repaired by a professional.


When buildings have only one electric meter, it causes a huge strain on the HVAC system. Sub-metering the lighting, HVAC system, and plug loads show which areas use more energy, so you can address the problem areas accordingly and fix small issues before they become major ones.

Cleaning coils

HVAC coils get dirty, and the buildup of dirty and hazardous biofilm makes the system work harder than it should, while also working less efficiently. Not to mention, dirty coils can diminish indoor air quality and make you sick. You need to hire a professional who can clean the coils thoroughly with proper equipment and solution that gets deep into the coils.

Cleaning coils

Operating time

Lights, air handling systems and pumps, and even personal use equipment such as computers, chargers, heaters or small fans, all have the potential to be left on 24/7 but when are, waste the most amount of energy. Install timers or motion sensors on lights and use programmable thermostats everywhere you can. Remember to switch off fans, computers, etc. when you are done using them.

Operating time

Repair variable frequency drives

Don’t let anything work harder than it needs to. A variable frequency drive can modify the speed of the motor depending upon the requirements of the system. The energy savings is proportional to the cube of the rpm. But if these drives malfunction and aren’t repaired in time, bigger issues will occur. So, make sure to repair them ASAP!

We hope these tips help you in gaining the most comfort and efficiency in your home!

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