How to maintain your HVAC

We are grateful for your business and we will be ready in a flash to fix any of your HVAC needs, but we also understand that prevention is better than cure. As leading HVAC experts, we offer some simple maintenance tips for caring for your HVAC. Leave the heavy fixing to us!  

Have a good maintenance service you can trust. 212 HVAC provides top quality customer service at fair costs, to suit your specific HVAC needs. We work thoroughly and in your best interest. 

Visual check for leaks, loud noise, less than optimal function. DO NOT WAIT to call for HVAC repair. Waiting too long or not acting on minor damage may result in large costs. Check your system is running at optimal rate and if you have cause for concern, call a 212 HVAC technician to inquire.

Allow 1-6 months for replacing filters. If you have pets or suffer from allergies 1-3 months, otherwise, every 6 months is recommended. 

Clean any obvious blockages like dust buildup, weeds, leaves etc. It is advisable to contact a 212 HVAC technician to clean the Condensing Unit and more advanced cleaning. Ask what cleaning tips our experts recommend. 

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