Spring is Here! Have You Called 212 HVAC?

The seasons are changing, snow is melting, and the sun is starting to shine again! It’s time to shed those extra layers and say hello to the warm spring days ahead. After months of cold temperatures however, there is a chance your AC will need some extra TLC. So, don’t wait for the hottest day of the year to realize your AC needs a tune-up! Call 212 HVAC today to get your HVAC ready to go for the season.

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212 HVAC is Ready When You Are

Summer months can be strenuous on your HVAC system and professional technicians around the city get busy. Beat the rush and the last-minute hassle by getting it looked at earlier rather than later. Routine maintenance is important but there are always things you can do at home yourself to keep up with your HVAC.

Some Things You Can Look Out For:

  • Strange odors and/or sounds coming from the AC unit
  • Inconsistency in the system’s performance
  • Less than cool or weak air flow
  • Fluid leaks around the AC

What Can 212 HVAC Do for You?

By calling a professional from 212 HVAC, you can be sure that your AC will have the best care and attention. 212 HVAC technicians promise to:

  • Change filters
  • Check fan controls and airflow
  • Provide lubrication of all moving parts
  • Check all electrical components and connections
  • Inspect burners
  • Adjust and replace all belts
  • Amp-draw Test
  • Inspection of Condensate Drain
  • Inspection of Heat Exchanger for cracks or rust
  • Comprehensive Safety Inspection

After this comprehensive check-up, you should a good idea of how well your AC will work during the summer. If there are any bigger issues that need to be taken care of, 212 HVAC will direct you with the best advice and knowledge.

212 Hvac

What’s the Rush?


Getting your HVAC system tuned up before the hottest months hit not only keeps you ahead of the ball, but it also can be far more cost effective for you in the long runyou’re your AC has to overwork itself at all in the heat of the summer days, your energy and electric bills will inevitably be higher than they would with a well working unit. Also, why wait if the air you are breathing is not as good as it could be? A well-maintained HVAC unit not only lasts longer but can preserve your personal health better than one that is not well-maintained. There is no time like right now to get your HVAC ready to go!

Call 212 HVAC today to schedule your routine maintenance!

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