Reasons for Preventive Maintenance of HVAC Systems

When it comes to HVAC systems, a lot of people feel that preventative maintenance isn’t a wise way to invest money, but that is assuredly not true. It is certainly worth the cost as it gives peace of mind, long-term savings, and trouble-free operation. It is important to note that you can prevent problems and costly emergency service requests by keeping your system well maintained.

Reasons for preventative maintenance of HVAC systems – take a look:

Better Energy Efficiency: As per the Whole Building Design Guide, a program of the National Institute of Building Sciences, when you use HVAC equipment that gives stellar performance it results in significant energy emissions and cost savings from 10% to 40%. Isn’t it a good idea to give your equipment the ability to run at peak performance, while benefitting from lowered monthly utility bills and increased annual savings with energy efficient operations?

Enhanced Air Quality: Dirty coils and blower parts within the air-conditioning unit can really affect the indoor air quality inside your home. This raises many health-related concerns, such as pollen, fungi and bacteria buildup, that you and family members could be breathing in on an everyday basis. It leads to asthma attacks, eye, nose, and throat irritation, and flu-like illnesses. When these components are cleaned regularly, the contamination of your airstream reduces, so you live in a healthier environment.

Decreased Costly Repairs: If you work out a consistent maintenance schedule for your HVAC equipment, it reduces the potential for a costly service down the road by as much as 95%! Yes, it might not be possible to avoid all HVAC related repair situations, but preventive care can save quite a lot of money when it comes to unanticipated heating and cooling emergencies.

Longer Equipment Lifespan: When your HVAC gets clogged with dirt, dust, and grime, it needs to work for a longer time and much harder to generate the same amount of cool air or heat. This condition will eventually cause early burnout and failure. Don’t spend more on preventable replacements and frequent component change-outs. Spend smarter on preventive maintenance to extend the shelf life of your existing heating, cooling and ventilation equipment.

Thus you can see how preventive maintenance has a myriad of benefits that lead to savings in terms of time and money in the long run. Schedule a pre-season maintenance visit, so all issues can be identified and repaired before a serious weather change like summer.

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