Myths about Humidifiers – Debunked!

Are you considering buying a room humidifier? Nowadays, most of us go online when it comes to looking up information about a particular product, but unfortunately there are loads of myths circulating the Internet. It definitely limits your experiences and ability to find the best humidifier.

That is why we are debunking the most commonly found misconceptions – take a look:

Whole room humidifiers are for sick people only

While it is true that whole room humidifiers can help alleviate cold symptoms, adding moisture to your room’s air is extremely beneficial on a daily basis. You don’t have to use a humidifier simply because you are unwell. Regularly using these devices keeps your skin hydrated, helps you sleep better and can even keep your furniture in great condition.

Whole room humidifiers require more maintenance

Many people are under the misconception that whole room humidifiers need to be disinfected and cleaned daily. Yes, you do have to invest some time in the upkeep of a humidifier, but it can go a few days without needing maintenance. All you have to do is follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper procedures regarding maintenance. Regular maintenance is crucial to suppressing any mold or bacteria from building up. It takes minutes of clean up occasionally to keep it sanitary.

Having a room humidifier means continuous dusting

A humidifier adds moisture to the air, but it doesn’t remove calcium from your water source inside the humidifier. Using a demineralization filter removes calcification and other water impurities which in turn help prevent white dust that is commonly associated with a humidifier not working correctly. White dust is actually a symptom of hard water and can be cured. A humidifier can improve the conditions of your home and with the right filter it can deliver clean, pure, healthy moisture.

Living in humid climates means you don’t need humidifiers

The simple logic is that a room humidifier adds moisture to the air, so residing in humid locations means you don’t need one. However, that isn’t true – just because the air outside is humid, the air indoors might not be the same. People living in humid and warm climate tend to use their air conditioner more often. This dries out the air in rooms, making a humidifier a great idea for people exposed to the dry air. This is especially true at night when the home is sealed for long periods of time.

Conduct thorough research before you go ahead and buy humidifiers. Don’t get taken in by myths – talk to an experienced HVAC technician.

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