Know More about Green HVAC Systems

With everything going “green” these days, you may want to consider making the switch to a Green HVAC system. This technology ensures a smaller, less complex, energy saving system that also promises to be much more economical.If that’s not reason enough to switch, here are a few more technical reasons Green HVAC could be the right move for you!

R22 in Air Conditioners

R22 was once standard in air conditioning and heat pump systems, but the U.S. EPA is all set to phase out the use of this ozone-depleting refrigerant. New AC systems are using more environment-friendly alternatives. Buying new green AC technology today prepares you for the phase out, keeping you ahead of the curve.

Custom Heating and Cooling in Multiple Zones

If you haven’t heard of Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system, it’s definitely something worth your attention. This green HVAC technology uses multiple small air handlers in one system, that can be individually controlled. VRF can deliver heating and cooling simultaneously. The unit provides the perfect amount of cooling for the current conditions in smaller zones, while capturing heat from the cooling process and redirecting to areas that may need it.

Solar Energy

From solar farms to rooftop-mounted systems, solar energy has become highly effective in green HVAC technology. Solar energy systems can be expensive to install but fear not! There are tax rebates and other incentives to help lower costs. Solar systems vary in cost as some less expensive systems use liquid or air to absorb solar heat and store for later use.

AC on Ice

Probably the most simplistic concept, an AC unit that cools from ice also uses very little energy. The unit freezes a large amount of water at night and turns it into ice. During the hottest part of the day, this AC doesn’t use a compressor, but ice to cool the refrigerant. When the ice melts, the regular AC system kicks in while the water is re-circulated and the process begins again for the next day.

Put the environment first and save on your bills at the same time. A sophisticated Green HVAC system is the way to go!

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