Is Your HVAC System Making Strange Noises? 212 HVAC to the Rescue!

Your HVAC system may make some louder noises or abnormal sounds when it needs a little extra TLC and attention. It happens even to the best of us! It doesn’t always mean something major, but it is always an indicator that it needs to be tended to. There are differing sounds to look out for, and 212 HVAC is here to help you recognize any possible issues and the best steps to take for your HVAC system.

4 Concerning Sounds to Listen for from Your AC:


You probably hear clicking sounds from the AC when it is turning on or off and that is totally normal. However, if the clicking continues from the outside compressor or control panel, it may mean the relay is defective. One cause of the relay timing out and failing may be from an electrical control and should be checked out as soon as possible by a technician.

HVAC System Making Strange Noises


There are two instances when rattling noises are most concerning. If you hear rattling or loud banging noises from inside the system, it may indicate that something in the motor or blowing assembly is loose and needs tightening. It is wise to turn the system completely off and have it repaired before anything breaks completely.

Another place you may hear rattling is from the fan in the compressor unit when you are turning the system on and off. Unlike the clicking noise, this is a sure indicator that something is loose in the hardware of the fan or the motor is failing. Additional noises such as humming or screaming may indicate that the capacitor is starting to fail. In these cases, you must call a professional technician like 212 HVAC to come and fix your HVAC system immediately.



Have you ever heard a fan or a wheel turn with something stuck in its way? This is the same sound when it is happening in your HVAC system. This “thwapping” noise more than likely tells you that something is caught in the way of the blower or stuck in the blower blades. The best thing to do is get a professional cleaning and ensure that there is no debris trapped in anywhere in the unit.

3. “Thwapping”


Like any machine that needs oil, a screeching noise in your HVAC system is telling you that the motor needs lubricant in order to run smoothly and quietly. This is not a major problem. However, it can also indicate that the belt is bad and needs to be replaced before breaking completely. It’s best to call in a professional technician to perform maintenance find the exact problem. Belts are not expensive to fix so it’s better to get down to the real issue before things get any worse.

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