Here’s how to solve common HVAC problems

One of the common problems of HVAC is that the air conditioner works, but does not cool. And, probably it is the number one summer complaint. Although most homeowners will have reviewed the most common causes before calling repair personnel, it should be rechecked. Make sure the thermostat is on, and set below room temperature. If there are separate indoor and outdoor units, make sure both are turned on. Check all circuit breakers in the home and reset the buttons on the units. If the air conditioning unit has a condensate pump, make sure it is working.

What to know of this problem?

If both air conditioning units seem to work well but still do not cool the space, make sure that all windows are closed and that the entrances and exits of the ventilation system are open, and unobstructed. Check the filter and clean it or replace it if necessary. Make sure there are no air leaks in any duct. If all these conditions are met, the possible HVAC problems will have been reduced to a few:

Common HVAC problems: The outdoor unit does not work

This is another common HVAC problem. Some of the causes can be serious and costly repair. Possible simple causes include an improperly adjusted thermostat, an emergency shutdown or circuit breakers have tripped. Also an external disconnection that has been turned off. If the unit has a condensate pump, it may be disconnected or the safety switch may be open. In addition, the unit could be “locked,” meaning that there is a safety device that prevents normal operation. Reset it by disconnecting the power at the circuit breaker for one minute, and then turning it on again and waiting 10 minutes for the unit to activate. Beyond those simple repairs, it may be that one of the safety devices is open. Check any safety device for low pressure as well as for high pressure, and high temperature. If so, you will have to diagnose the thermostat, the contact, the retarder relay, the thermostat cable and the control module.

Everything seems to work fine, but the air flow in the ventilation system is weak

Of all the common problems of HVAC, this is the most likely to be corrected with a simple repair. Most of the time, the poor air flow is due to the dirty air filter. Current high efficiency filters are so effective in filtering fine dust, and allergens that when they get clogged, they can cause severe airflow restrictions. Another common cause is dirty, blocked or closed ducts. Make sure that all the entrances, and exits of the ventilation system are open and unobstructed, that the dampers are open, and that there is no dirt or debris blocking any of the ducts. You may need to insert a camera into the duct system to make sure they are not blocked.

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