Dos and Don’ts of Air Conditioners!

Dread receiving your electricity bill every month? It might be time to think about what you can do to better care for your heating and cooling system. As we head into summer, it is likely that you are only going to turn on the air conditioner more and more often!


  • Keep your AC unit clean. A dirty air conditioner is an inefficient unit, so don’t make your system work harder than it has to by letting dirt accumulate. Wipe dirt and debris off coils and drains.
  • Check your thermostat on a regular basis. Your thermostat is the “brain” of your HVAC system, and you should check it often to make sure it is functioning properly. If you have a thermostat that allows for scheduling, make sure you set it for optimal cooling efficiency.
  • Change the filters. This is another maintenance tip you can handle on your own. Replace filters at least every three months for peak performance. The filters in your air conditioning system are critically important to proper function. Make sure your filters are clean and change them often. If you are unsure how to change your filters, have your technician change them for you. If you suffer from allergies or other respiratory issues, consider a premium filter system that aims to tackle such problems.
  • Always have your system tuned up. Your AC requires the attention of a professional for regular tune-ups. Make sure to schedule two every year.
  • Speak to your HVAC contractor about your system’s scheduled maintenance. They will do a proper evaluation of your system, taking into account the age, brand and usage and figure out a schedule that is right for you.
  • Keep your outdoor condensing unit clear. Trim grass, remove obstructions and make sure that the unit has plenty of room around it so it can dispel heat properly.


  • Never power your unit with an extension cord. A longer cord drops the voltage, making your system work harder to cool your home.
  • Vents shouldn’t be overcrowded. Keeping plants, books and electronics, etc. around your air conditioner vents disrupts the flow of air. Make sure it has a clear path.
  • Don’t mount window units with wood or bricks. For a more secure setup, invest in a proper mounting system for window air conditioners.
  • Don’t try to repair or tamper with electrical lines, refrigerant lines and connections – it can lead to fatal accidents and cause greater damage to components.
  • Don’t allow the filters to get clogged or excessively dirty – as mentioned, it will impair the quality of air flowing through it.
  • Never run your system 24 hours a day, seven days a week – it severely affects performance and functionality. Give it a few hours of rest each day or it gets exhausted, and could malfunction.
  • If so equipped, you shouldn’t let the thermostat’s batteries die under any circumstances.

Taking good care of your AC unit is a must, as it not only guarantees better performance, but lowers energy bills too.

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