Do not load your HVAC

The heart of your HVAC system, your compressor is integral to the cooling and heating of your house. Pumping coolant via the system, it emits heat as a general part of operation. If it gets too warm, anyway, your system will shut down.

What is compressor overload?

AC compressor thermal overload is a general cause of malfunction, and typically occurs on the coldest or hottest days of the year, when your system is working overtime. Responsible for fifty percent of component failures, it is a serious issue – and also one of the most costly if it progresses to compressor damage. Depending on the system age, it could outcome in the need for full system replacement.

What causes compressor burn out?

The initial causes of compressor burnout are homeowner neglect and shoddy maintenance and installation, including…

How can you stop compressor overloads from causing issue?

Enlist a honest HVAC expert

Extending the life of your compressor needs right installation from a knowledgeable pro, as well as routine seasonal expert maintenance including verification of right refrigerant levels, connections and lubrication, coil cleaning, and verification of operation according to producers specs for system longevity.

Do not ignore homeowner maintenance

Replace your air filter every 3 months, at a minimum. Clear debris from around your outside system, maintaining 18-36 inches of clearance around all sides, and 3 to 5 feet above.

Consider extra protection

Adding a compressor overload shield can protect your HVAC system. Placed close to the condenser, this unique sensor watch temperatures, shutting down the compressor for the short time to stop it from overheating. By turning off your system to permit the compressor to chill, this can stop AC compressor thermal overload and aware you to issues before they become costly.

If your compressor has overheated, it is very important to uncover why, as merely changing components could lead to a repeat of the condition. If your system has experienced a higher frequency of overheating, get help now, before it is too late.

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