5 Myths about HVAC Systems – Busted!

HVAC systems are an integral part of every home as they help to keep the temperature comfortable depending upon the weather, while ensuring you breathe in clean and pure air that is free from pollutants. But there are some common myths about HVAC systems – rest assured they are nothing but misconceptions!

Shutting off the air-conditioner during the day wastes energy: Yes, doing so might save money and energy, but it could also mean replacing the system sooner than required. Constantly shutting off the air-conditioner might cause more wear and tear, while making the temperature indoors uncomfortable. Install programmable thermostats to combat this problem, so you can turn the unit on and off as per your schedule.

Changing the filter once in a year is sufficient: Ideally, filters need to be changed every few months to ensure the system runs efficiently. It also depends on the quality of air filter being used. If you change the filter once a year, it becomes extremely dirty and constricts air flow through the system, essentially choking it and forcing it to work overtime to cool your house. This leads to excessive stress on the system, which could cause a breakdown.

Thermostat location doesn’t influence heating or cooling: Thermostats located in direct sunlight or too much near vents will definitely shut down early. Thy regulate temperature, so when they aren’t situated properly, it could influence the comfort of every occupant and cause your unit to turn on and off unnecessarily. Your HVAC specialist can tell you more about the ideal location.

Closing vents in unused rooms is more efficient: If you close vents, it leads to air pressure buildup within air ducts. When air pressure is properly balanced, it helps to effectively move air throughout the house to regulate the temperature. When the vents are blocked off, the air pressure goes haywire, so air seeps out of air duct seams and forces the HVAC system to work harder, which means more energy consumption and higher bills.

The best HVAC system is a big one: The best HVAC system for any home is one that is specifically suited for the insulation level, square footage, and number of windows. If you choose a system solely based on size, and it turns out to be too big, the need to cycle on and off more frequently due to small space and energy usage is more.

Seek the help of an HVAC professional before you buy and install any unit!

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