HVAC Services- From Repair To Installation, 11101, Long Island City, Sunnyside

Buying a high-end air conditioner and installing it may not be an easy task. The more troublesome task is to repair a damaged AC. In both these scenarios, you can call our professional HVAC specialists. We also deal with heating systems of different types. At any time of the year, when you have encountered issues with HVAC, you can send us your queries.

From air conditioning maintenance to furnace repair, we have a range of solutions for you.

Air conditioning tune-ups

Although it may be a high-quality branded AC, it needs maintenance. Based on the overall condition and age of your air conditioner, our HVAC maintenance team will take the right measure. Your AC equipment will be in the best shape. In 11101, Long Island City, Sunnyside, we have certified professionals to identify potential problems of your mini-split AC.

To maintain your central AC’s performance, we can

  • Check drain lines (primary and secondary)
  • Inspect outdoor condenser coil
  • Monitor AC cycle
  • Test operating pressures for refrigerant charge
  • Adjust the blower section
  • Check amperage draw motors
  • Check loose electrical connections

Our trusted team in 11101, Long Island City, Sunnyside can help you with a range of AC repair services-

  • Thermostat repairs
  • Duct sealing
  • Condenser and coil maintenance
  • Motor and fan replacement
  • Electronic issues
  • Airflow efficiency issues
  • Humidity problems
  • Low quality indoor air issues

We know that modern ACs use the smartest technologies to give you comfort. However, repairing those ACs may not be easy without skills. We provide cost-effective and long-term solutions for your cooling systems. Save money by hiring our HVAC professionals. Your cooling bills will be affordable to you.

Furnace replacement and installation services

Furnaces and other heating systems have a finite lifespan. When they cannot perform at the best level, you need to replace them. Our client-focused team will take the best care of your system while installing and replacing your furnace. Our seamless installation will remove your concerns. You can wait and see how our technicians manage the installation process and make your new furnace ready for use.

We can replace your furnace when it is-

  • More than 15 years old
  • Causing frequent issues
  • Running very short heating cycles

In some cases, new furnaces cause problems due to the lack of maintenance. However, you can prevent this situation by investing in our furnace maintenance services. Your furnace will have a longer lifespan.

Call us and get the HVAC services in 11101, Long Island City, Sunnyside.

 Our technicians also have worked on your heat pumps. We are reliable heat pump contractors maintaining the proper condition of your cooling and heating system. You use your heat pumps on every season, and they can turn up issues at any time.

To get the fastest repair solutions, you can rely on our team. As you have invested a big amount in your HVAC systems, we will protect your asset with our effort. Our installers also have learned the best technique to deal with any type of HVAC system

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"Nick was on time and incredibly polite. He must have done good work - I immediately noticed my vents working better! Kept my living space clean as he worked. Would use 212 HVAC again."

Zak Thompson

Zak Thompson

"My HVAC broke right before family was coming to stay with us during a heatwave. 212 was able to come out and fix the issue super quick and get our AC running again before my family arrived. They are very professional and knowledgeable and I would highly recommend them for HVAC work."

Alex gavlin

Alex gavlin

"For the second time in six months I have used 212 HVAC and both times I was impressed by their courtesy, attention to detail and overall responsiveness. I am planning on using them again and would recommend anyone in the neighborhood to do so as well."

Matteo Gallo

Matteo Gallo

"We contacted 212 HVAC for the installation of new air-conditioners in our new office. The team at 212 HVAC installed the units with minimum fuss and the installation was done perfectly. I would recommend 212 HVAC to everyone."

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