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Have you searched for local HVAC technicians in 10032, Washington Heights, Manhattan? You have not found a reliable one to serve you. However, you have fortunately reached the right platform to hire HVAC professionals. Any type of HVAC service is available for you. 212 HVAC is now a prestigious name to several clients. Our certified technicians have learned the skills to deal with HVAC makes and models.

We need a single call from your side. Then, we will dispatch our team to your house.

Air conditioning repair services

We are trained HVAC professionals, and we think that ongoing training is important to learn about the latest AC technologies. Our team will identify the problems rightly and repair the system within the shortest time.

In most cases, we try to repair your AC parts at your home. However, for condenser coils and cooling coils, we need to take them to our service centers. We do not charge additional service for it.

Our engineers are always successful in repairing complicated parts of your air conditioner.

Our team also provides AC installation, uninstallation, and replacement services. We do not charge high prices for these services. Our clients mostly choose central AC to have a cooling system in their house. Central air conditioners are cheaper options and effective in cooling your room. However, there are also mini-split AC with a range of features.

You may rely on our team while choosing a new air conditioner. You can confidently make a deal and take advantage of the cooling system.

We install heat pumps efficiently

As the best HVAC professionals in 10032, Washington Heights, we can install heat pumps. Our team has skills to work on both conventional heat pumps and modern ductless ones. You may also replace your old HVAC system with a heat pump, as it can provide both hot and cool air.

Heat pumps can offer several benefits-

  • Highly efficient electrical systems
  • Maintenance and repairs done on a single system
  • An eco-friendly solution for homeowners


However, to install heat pumps, you need to call our qualified professionals. We will choose the heat pump of a proper size for efficient performance.

Heat pumps last 5 to 6 years longer than a standard furnace and AC. But, to ensure an optimal lifespan of your heat pump, you need to maintain it. Our HVAC maintenance team will inspect the system and keep it in the best shape. By repairing minor problems, we save you from costly repairs.

Our team can repair furnaces of any type and brand. Gas furnace components can deteriorate with time. You will find uneven heating, frequent need for repairs, and reduced performance. The low efficiency level is another reason for engaging professional repairs for your furnace.

Do you now think of hiring us for HVAC service in 10032, Washington Heights? We would like to know your query about HVAC systems and our services. Get our response within 24 hours. We can visit your house within the shortest time of receiving your call.

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