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Are you looking for premier quality air conditioning services? We do provide a huge number of services starting from Air-conditioner installation to repair and fair part of maintenance in Manhattan, NYC.
If you need a premium grade air-conditioner, commercial grade or be it for a small residential HVAC system, the process of installation can be the simplest when we do it!
We represent as a team of HVAC technicians to provide you with standard services from installation to replacement, we got it, just like a piece of cake. Our well trained and certified technicians can detect the HVAC issue within very less time and provide you with the quickest solution. We work with skill and precision.

We provide services as per your need.

  • We’ve often heard from our dear 1st time customers regarding the stress they had to go through for their HVAC installed incorrectly. Not only we guaranteefeatureestablishmentbutin addition to, we protect your valuedopportunityandcurrency accepted as exchange for goods. 212 HVAC repair is quite transparent and abide by the rules to get only positive feedbacks from the lovely customers. In addition to installation of HVAC, we spend the required time to ensure proper installation and avoid later corrections or partially done jobs. It’s the quality that screams precision in favor of our technicians. You won’t ever regret choosing us after you get our service. We offer overall evaluation of your unit’s conditions and the best ways to maintain comfort. Our technicians are worldly-wise of the latest technology implemented in modern ACs and heating system, we suggest youto invest in more energy efficient models.

Your premier HVAC repair service provider is here!

Seeking AC repair in Manhattan, contact us, we are 212 HVAC and offerfirstrate service at an affordable price. Our aim is to provide A class AC repair services along with maintenance and installation services. We use diverse procedures to ensure the working of air-conditioner at an optimum capacity. Generally aided service for:

  • Thermostat
  • Air Filter
  • The blower motors
  • Combustion chamber
  • Condenser coil
  • Evaporator coil
  • and Fan.

Don’t forget to hire us for maintenance purpose

Efficiency starts and ends with us. To have your HVAC functioning and a long life, we will send across a maintenance schedule. Let’s check the type of maintenance service we do provide:

Cleaning of the condenser coil, Blower inspection, Electrical components checked, refrigerant level checked, comprehensive safety check, Ductless split systems, lubrication of moving parts and whatnot. Our technicians are the best to resolve issues.
212 HVAC provides maintenance of Central ACs, Mini Split ACs, Heat Pumps, Gas furnace and Filter club.

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Contacting us is the easiest of all. We operate as per your convenience. Fill in your details and we will be the one to reach you. Choose us to save energy and get fat discount on your bills. We will reduce the cost of emergency repair for you.
Our team provides HVAC solutions and we sincerely maintain the standards of the industry for our clients. We have a very extended HVAC services for Commercial and residential clients. Look into our site, we are available for 10023, Upper West Side Manhatten.

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