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Have you installed HVAC systems in your house? Almost any household has cooling and heating systems. However, these systems can wear away, as you use them easily. Never fret. We are ready to solve your HVAC problems within the shortest possible time. Our team in 11231, Red Hook, Brooklyn is a phone call away.

Replace the old and outdated AC-

  • Your system can deteriorate over time and lose its efficiency. But, a minor repair can restore proper functioning of your system. We have a team of contractors with skills and knowledge about HVAC systems. We can repair your AC and different heating systems. Your current cooling system may be more than 10 years old. It can result in some serious issues, and we need replacement of your air conditioner. To continue enjoying comfort in your house, you may rely on our HVAC professionals. Old AC also results in the humidity problems. You will find a higher energy cost every month. That is why you can make the smartest decision on replacing your air conditioner. Hire our AC installers in Red Hook and get the best solution. We will find the right spot to install the air conditioner. You will find the highest efficiency of your cooling system in 11231, Red Hook, Brooklyn. We ensure speedy installation of your cooling system. With our installation techniques, we ensure that there will be no flaw and obstacle in the AC performance.

Need to keep your AC in the best shape-

Invest in our HVAC maintenance services in Red Hook. Consistent maintenance will keep up the best performance of your cooling system. You may simply clean the air filter of your HVAC system. However, for better and thorough inspection of the cooling system, you need to hire a team of professionals at 212 HVAC. We ensure that your cooling system will gain high efficiency in the future.

During the brutal summer months, your AC will work hard. At any time, the cooling system can cause issues-

  • Odd sound
  • Hot air coming out
  • Refrigerant leaking out of the system

Heat pump installation? Need Repair services? We are there to help you-

To control the temperature of indoor air, you can install heat pumps. These systems are best for-

  • Houses that have heating and cooling needs
  • Houses without any ductwork
  • Older buildings

We can choose the best quality heat pumps that ensure optimal efficiency. Our professionals can install ground-source and air-source heat pumps. Consult with our professional technicians and install your heating systems properly.

We not only repair and install your heating systems but also maintain your furnace. 

No heating systems can last long. A well-maintained heater consumes less energy and lasts for years. You can avoid costly breakdowns with these minimal investment in our regular heater maintenance. To keep up safe operations, you can hire our team and check

  • Airflow
  • Gas line
  • Electrical connections
  • Condensate drain blockage
  • Burners
  • Safety controls

Our HVAC maintenance  services in 11231, Red Hook, Brooklyn are available at the lowest rate. We can replace damaged belts, lubricate different parts, and check the functioning of thermostats.

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