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Split AC or Window AC

Split AC or Window AC – Which is Better?

Still confused about whether to buy a window or split air conditioner for your home? Rest assured you aren’t the only one facing this dilemma! There are numerous factors to be considered before making up your mind, and unfortunately no straight answers are available as to whether a split AC or window AC is better for you!

How do split AC and window AC differ from one another?

The very first difference that you can spot between a split and a window air conditioner is the size. The former has two units – outdoor and indoor, consisting of compressor & condenser, and the evaporative part of the AC, respectively. In a window AC, on the other hand, the compressor, condenser and evaporative sections of the AC are all accumulated in one rectangular unit.

How to decide which one to buy?

Available space

As mentioned above, a split AC has two separate units, so it requires more space to fit in as compared to the window AC. But with a split AC, you can place its outdoor unit at any distance from its indoor unit, while a window AC requires a properly sized window that opens in an open area or at any point where there is proper ventilation.


For rooms with existing AC window, it is best to opt for a window unit, as installing a split AC needs more effort. If the room doesn’t have an existing window, a split AC is your only choice because window AC can’t be installed in a room sans any windows. On the other hand, if there isn’t any AC window, but it can be made, you can install window units, but a split AC is more convenient. Remember, a split AC might need more space, but grants complete flexibility of installation.

Noise levels

Window ACs tend to get extremely noisy as the compressor and condenser are fitted into the body of the unit itself, so the sound you hear is of the AC working. It can be disturbing at night when you want to drift off to sleep! Split ACs almost eliminate the issue of noise as the compressor and condenser are situated at a distance from the unit installed in your room. For example, if your indoor unit is in the bedroom, your external unit can be in the balcony, so you can rest assured of a good night’s sleep!

Last but not the least; split AC units are more energy efficient as compared to window models!

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