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Auto Fan Setting of Your Hvac System

All you want to know about the “Auto” fan setting of your hvac system

Generally, most HVAC systems offer you two fan settings that can be used as per your personal needs and preferences. For example, if you run your HVAC system on “auto” fan setting, then it means that the fan will only run till the time your system is active and either heating or cooling. Whereas, when you have the “on” setting, your fan will continue to run consistently. Some innovative HVAC systems also come with dual-speed a fan feature that helps save energy as well.

When you use the “on” setting for the fan of your HVAC system, it benefits you by trapping the allergens and dust in your home more effectively. But, other than making the air in your home cleaner, this fan setting also causes your system to use more effort, thereby reducing its life to some extent. Your HVAC fan’s “on” setting is also something that makes the filters clog up sooner than usual, which again burdens your system by exhausting it a bit earlier than usual.

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